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I have been a gardener for over 25 years. In 2021, I'v become the Desert Landscape School Credential Holder. Additionaly, I'm a Smartscape professional and a Master Gardener.

The concept of ‘urban gardening’ is very close to me. Throughout the years I realized that in our constantly moving reality, gardens become our mainstay of peace. Our oasis of beauty and rest. For some of us, they are even a source of healthy food and sometimes a way to raise property value.

Whatever plays in your soul, share your thoughts with us. Any of your visions can come true. I want to show you that even here in the Valley of the Sun, you can have your very own Secret Garden. Wherever you are on your path to making your dreams come true I am here to help you.

Established in 2018

Services Offered

Garden Design, Installation and Maintenance
Landscape Design and Maintenance
Shrubs, Hedges and Bushes
Tree Planting
Over The Ground Drip Irrigation Installation

Sustainable Desert Landscaping

Organic Plants

Service Area

East Valley, Arizona

Sustainable Desert Landscaping

Drip Irrigation Installation

Our Testimonials

I was looking for landscapers who wouldn't just come out and chainsaw all my plants and I'm so glad I found Crazy Plant Nanny! Kasia does all her work BY HAND and cares for your yard like it's her own. The products she uses are organic, which I also appreciate. They are always on time and very reliable. I particularly like the emails she sends after an appointment giving more detail about what she worked on and any problems she found. Crazy Plant Nanny keeps my yard looking clean and at its best.

J B.

Arizona has plants way different

Arizona has plants way different than MN. Understanding what we have and how to care for was what we needed. We also got ideas for what type of new plants we will need to replace holes in our yard.

Thank you for the education!

Mark S.

I only just started using the crazy plant nanny, but she's great! Love their service offering.

Lisa R.

Best decision we made for our yard since having our own place in Arizona. Most places you find--they're not gardeners. They're landscapers. They're not focused on what's going to make the plants thrive, grow and be their best. Their focus is curb appeal. Not with the crazy plant nanny. She came over and looked at our space for a vegetable garden. Since I do not have a green thumb in any way, I needed help! I didn't want to invest in plants, seeds, garden beds, and materials only to have a brown garden that's rotten and burned to a crisp. That's why I hired them! They're getting me started on a vegetable garden, water system, shade system, and plants for the desired area of my yard! I can't wait to be growing my own produce in just a couple of months.

Paige F.

Garden prep and planting
Ms. Wrobel is an excellent gardener. Arrived early, double dug four planting beds, prepped the soil and planted seeds and transplants for a combination fall, spring garden. Her work ethic was excellent, going well beyond the minimum needed to prep and and plant my garden. I have her scheduled again to work my pots.

Cindy O.

We Are Always Ready To Help!